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    [0] => Array
            [number] => 1064
            [err] => You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '-20, 20' at line 16
            [text] => SQL
            [sql] => SELECT t0.*, t1.*, t3.translation as short_desc,   
                                                          (t1.price * list.addition) as ordering_p,
                                                          REPLACE(format( (t1.price * list.addition), 2), ',', '') as price, 

                                                          t2.translation as item_title, concat( if(TbSort.sort is not null, TbSort.sort, t0.sort) ) AS sort_list, t0.sort as s, TbSort.sort as s1, list.addition FROM cms_items as t1 LEFT JOIN cms_items_rec as t0 ON t0.id = t1.id
                                                          LEFT JOIN cms_translations AS t2 ON t2.id = t1.item_title AND t2.lng='lt'  
                                                          LEFT JOIN cms_translations AS t3 ON t3.id = t1.short_desc AND t3.lng='lt'
                                                          LEFT JOIN cms_templates AS tmp ON tmp.id = t0.fk_template_id    
                                                          LEFT JOIN cms_filters_sort AS TbSort ON TbSort.fk_item_id=t1.id AND TbSort.fk_filter_id=t1.fk_filters_id
                                                          LEFT JOIN cms_lists_by_mod AS list ON list.id=t1.fk_currency  
                                                          LEFT JOIN cms_filters_rec AS rec0 ON rec0.id=t1.fk_filters_id 
                                                          WHERE (FIND_IN_SET('3629', t1.fk_filters_id)) AND t0.trash=0  AND t0.active=1 AND list.addition != 0 AND
                                                                rec0.active = 1 AND rec0.trash = 0
                                                          ORDER BY  sort_list  LIMIT -20, 20